Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turn Your Every Day Arsenal into an Actual Arsenal

One of the most important resources any woman can have in her Go Bag is her arsenal. On a daily basis, in non-apocalyptic settings, the arsenal is as varied as the woman who wields it.

While a given situation determines the weapons, there will be overlap. A night out: keys, a nail file or emery board, polish, small clippers, hair spray, a brush or comb, lip gloss, cash, an ID, and cleavage. A day at the office: keys, nail file or emery board, polish, nail clippers, hair spray, a brush or comb, lip gloss, cash, laptop, and ID badge.

The clever woman will use this overlap to her advantage.

Keys: They start your car and let you into your home. In a pinch they can make your punch devastating.

Nail file: If you forgo the emery board, you can keep your nails looking tip-top and take out an eye or puncture a jugular. Additionally, this little beauty tool can be used as a makeshift knife.

Nail polish: Lacquer gives your nails that glossy gorgeous sheen, but it’s also a great adhesive that will help keep ropes from fraying. In eyes, it stings and burns.

Nail clippers: While not as devastating in a hand-to-hand combat scenario, nail clippers could help distract a (living) assailant if applied correctly.

Hair spray: Take a look at the warning label on your can. Whether it’s aerosol or not, the manufacturer demands that you do not use it near an open flame. Add a lighter, and you have a flame thrower. (Warning: DO NOT use on zombies!)

Don't just flail about!  Even your bag can be used as a weapon if needs be.  When swung like a mace, a structured purse could be deadly.

What's in your every day arsenal? How would it help you survive in the Ultimate Crisis Situation? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Pens, or a well sharpened pencil, can be used for a variety of things. Also, credit cards and bobby pins can, with practice, be used to unlock doors if you're looking for a place to hide. Granted, if you can pop the lock with either it's probably not the safest haven, but it may do in a pinch.

  2. Once you're inside, you could barricade the doors to help keep unwanted others out.

  3. I grew up in a house with 5 girls and one boy. MY dad taught all his daughters to defend themselves and make it count if needed. If attacked...Grab your mascara rub generously in his baby blues. I know you have all gotten mascara in your eyes at one time or another, ahhhhh that stings the intruder cries, I can not see. Then I flee

  4. Hmm, mascara does sting like hell!