Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pompeii? They just did it wrong.

I'm sure like me, for the last couple of days you have wondered if humans can actually melt. At points, so much sweat was rolling off of me that I wondered (briefly) if I would melt away like a candle in a hot and stuffy room. I also re-learned that lip balm simply does not keep in a car when the temperatures are hovering in the high nineties or low hundreds. Also, the melted wax burns when it drips onto your skin.

From National Geographic
When the fire monsters of Pompeii rise from their centuries long Slumber of Cinders, we will be able to expect many more hot days. With luck, they won't simply incinerate us with their steamy embrace. However, we will need to try to stay cool.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Where's the baby oil? Imma go lie in the sun!

Summer is rapidly approaching and with it the desire to lounge about in the sun feeling its warm rays on your skin. While this is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, there can be consequences. (Shut up: I am totally going to harsh your mellow.) Over exposure to the sun in the short run can mean burns; in the long run, skin cancer.

From BeautyXpose
Neither one of these options is particularly pleasant. Sunburns are painful and can stop you from doing things you normally enjoy. For example, if you get a burn on your legs and the tops of your feet, kickboxing is not going to be an option until the skin stops feeling like it's on fire. Cancer has some obvious side effects one of which is death.