Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Talkin to Me!

Before you strut on the Survivalist Runway, you’ll need to get the basics down pat. You'll need skills that you can practice and build upon.

Time to learn your ABC’s.

A: Attitude 
Despite the popular image of the psychopath who cannot control himself, most bad guys are not irrational wackos who lash out at random. In fact, most attackers watch for potential victims. They spend time keeping an eye on people who look like they might be easy marks. Whether you are walking down the street on a normal, pre-apocalypse Saturday night or storming Cathlhu’s castle, acting like a victim is going to make you a victim.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ant or Grasshopper? Choose well…

In my last post I talked about New England weather and how changeable it is. In fact, I referred to it as a fickle bitch. As if trying to prove my point, the weather turned nasty this past weekend and beat the Northeastern seaboard with a freak October snow storm. Today, we had a high of about 55° Fahrenheit.