Saturday, January 28, 2012

Apocalypse Training?

Every once in a while, a Survivor has to test her mettle. She must put herself in a situation that requires quick thinking, a reliance on instincts, and the ability to make a conscious decision about whether to fight or to run. She needs to prove to herself that she will survive The Big One.

Since most sports - all of the ones I can think of at any rate - are games of war, any one of them could help in this endeavor. They are about two sides fighting to be the winner. They run. They chase. They attack! By Gods, they defend themselves, their side, and each other!

But this is organized madness. It has rules and standards and reliable outcomes. Despite the look of the field and the state of some of the players after the match is won, there is relatively little danger here. Okay, yes, I know: even with helmets, football players get brain injuries when they hit their heads. (By the way, technically speaking, that goes for anyone who takes a good wallop to the head.) But the madness is on a clock and there are people around trying to ensure that no one gets really hurt.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I’ve got the pistol, so I’ll take the pesos.

The post-Apocalyptic world is going to suck kind of hard. Power grids will go down. There won’t be any Internet. When their fuel runs out, gas and diesel  powered vehicles will be useless except for as makeshift homes. Ironically, without power, the safety systems at power plants will fail: expect nuclear issues. Other bad stuff will surely follow!
From Travel Destination

This is not going to be a world in which living will be easy. Nor will it be one in which living without people who trust you is possible.

Yes, I understand that it will be a Dog Eat Dog existence. Ruthlessness may seem the only option. I will concede that - to some degree - this is true. As a kindness, it may be unavoidable. For example, if your best friend becomes Infected, destroying her brain or removing her head will be the best thing for both of you regardless of how ruthless and unkind it may feel at the time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMG! The stress!!!!

From Write It Sideways
Big changes are overwhelming. Hell, sometimes they are terrifying beyond all reasonable comprehension. The Apocalypse, regardless of the form it takes, will be a big change.

An awfully big change.

Just thinking about how the world will change is a bucket of stress. Unfortunately, since it isn't the good kind of stress, it doesn't do anything other than wig you out. How in the name of Fluffy Bunnies can a girl combat that?

Easy: use small changes you can control and positive stress to prepare yourself for the End of Times. Well, at least to learn how to handle change well. Preparing for the End of Times will take a little more than what I've got in mind here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Caaaaaalm Down!

From Pam's Planet
Last night there was a fairly epic car accident outside my house. Only one car was involved (which was very lucky for the woman who happened to be driving there as well). I heard the screeching of suddenly braking tires just before the sound of the car hitting another object then the barrel sound of it rolling up the street. Not on its tires. Side over side!

I jumped up from my desk and ran to the window just in time to see the car roll out of sight. I threw some shoes on, ran downstairs and grabbed a jacket on my way out the door, and commanded my mother to call 9-1-1. I called over my shoulder on the way out the door, “Do it now! There is smoke coming from the car!”