Hi, I'm Heather. I write this blog. I have a BA in English and an MA in Professional Writing.

When I first decided to write The Ladies' Guide to Surviving Anypocalypse, I envisioned it as a satire regarding the stereotypes about women. However, the Guide didn't take long to become something else. Pretty soon it was more about survival and self-defense than stereotypes.

I am learning as I go. Generally how this works is I wonder about something in general (How does one throw a punch properly?), go out and research it (take kickboxing classes), then I write what I've discovered. I try to be engaging and a bit funny. Sometimes I write book reviews. Sometimes I post original fiction.

You'll notice in older posts the pronoun "we" as opposed to "I." This was a rookie blogger mistake: I was trying to sound more important and expansive than one chick wearing pajamas sitting in a room with a laptop writing about making the perfect Go-Bag. I thought about editing that error out of those posts, but decided to keep them. I learned from those mistakes: I don't want to erase them.

That's my story. Or, that's the part I think you would be interested in. If I'm wrong and you want to know more, drop me a line and let me know: If you want to get in touch other ways, I'm also on Twitter and Facebook.

It's been a while since I looked at this blog. The last few years have been...interesting. I've ditched FaceBook and rarely look at the Platform Formerly Known As Twitter. I'm not sure if I will start writing here again, but I won't rule it out.

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