Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Survival Diva's Guide to Traveling Light

Everyone gets the Travel Itch from time-to-time. Sometimes you just want or need to pick up and go. When the world is infested with giant mutated bedbugs, I expect that urge will hit more people more often.

From The Mayo Clinic
While we may not be able to escape our problems by taking a little vacation, we can leave them behind for a little while. Even if just for a weekend.

Sometimes a short getaway is just what a body needs to make life bearable again. But for this to work, that body cannot carry everything she owns. When the S & M Bedbugs of Yore dominate the world, traveling light will be a necessity.

Practice now so you know how to pick up and take off effectively when the need arises.

What does the Survival Diva need to travel? You will need to bring some of your Go-Bag because it is, after all, filled with essentials. However, during your dry runs of traveling light, I hope you won't need all of its ingredients. Items you will need are
  • a couple of shirts;
  • one pair of jeans;
  • one skirt (weather permitting);
  • underwear;
  • a pair of pajamas;
  • travel sizes of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash;
  • a small bath sponge;
  • medications;
  • foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip stain, and lip gloss;
  • a book (Nooks, Kindles, and other e-readers count);
  • the electronic device of your choice (in addition to your phone and e-reader);
  • and your purse.
Anything you deem unnecessary can, of course, be left at home.

Don't bring a bunch of shoes. I love shoes! I think they can be darling and flirty and fun. However, unless you are going to a cotillion, the jewel encrusted strappy sandals are just extra bulk that you don't need on your weekend excursion to York Beach, ME.

A good rule on how to decide what you don't need is that if you find yourself trying justify bringing something (e.g. - "I might need the diamond bedazzled tiara. What if we go out for a fancy dinner?"), leave it home. Everything you bring should fit into one carry-on size bag.

What do you bring on a weekend trip? What could you leave at home? What have I left out that you would absolutely have to have? Tell us in the comments!

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