Thursday, May 17, 2012

Please clarify: you want to do what with that butter?

In a world where lobsters have risen above their station as the cockroaches of the sea to rule the planet with an iron claw, it will be easy to think in absolutes. "We are never going to break these chitin chains!" "The mollusk guards are always vigilant, never leaving an opportunity for escape!"

Easy is not always right nor is it always best.
From WhaleNet

While always and never are useful they can also be dangerous.

The language we use both reflects and affects our outlook. If you tell yourself often enough that you will never break the Lobsterian Bonds of Steaming, you will shape your perception in a way that will keep you from freeing yourself. Essentially, you are creating a negative Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

However, the real danger with these two small and simple words is that they eat away at hope. Always and never tell you that despite your actions, despite your endeavors, despite anything you do, your current lot will not change.
  • I will always be locked in a giant lobster trap. 
  • I will never get out of this giant steamer pot. 
  • I will always be just a bit of molted shell to be ground under the many feet of my arthropod masters.

When Lobsterian Uprising occurs, don't make things worse for yourself by convincing yourself that you can do nothing. If you must use absolutes, use them to your advantage!
  • No matter how things get, I can always change them!
  • Things will never get so bad that I cannot find joy in the sight of a bird in flight or the rustling of autumn leaves.
  • I will never stop fighting to regain my planet!

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