Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Survivor's Toolbox: Duct Tape

During and after an apocalypse, things will fall apart. Heck, things fall apart now and we just have to deal with normal, every day entropy. Some items will be easy to fix. Others will be more complex. You will need a tool that can handle anything you throw at it.

I present Duct Tape.

Duct Tape is extremely strong. It’s cloth and plastic design make it  durable while its strong adhesive makes it difficult to remove. Be aware that when removed, duct tape does not come off cleanly.

This versatile product was originally developed in the early 1940's by the US Army. Its first name was Duck Tape because of its water resistance. The design of classic duct tape has changed little since its creation. However, companies now offer several options in colors, sizes, and strengths.

Possible uses of the tape range from sealing packages to binding prisoners to patching dinghies to building cannons.

Image from Etsy
Of course, many of the possible uses will take one roll of tape or less; but some will take multiple rolls. Be sure to stock up on plenty of tape for all your adhesion purposes.

And since we are fashion forward, the regular old silver/gray will hardly pop enough. This is especially true if you need to fashion a new tote. Sure, the bag will be just as durable with the traditional color, but will it be a fashion piece that asserts your individuality? I think not.

How can duct tape aid your survival? Tell us in the comments!

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