Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kick Rocks!

When the struggle began, you thought all was lost. Most of your friends and family were gone. Then, you and a number of others happened upon each other. You formed a bond in your fear and your need to survive The Invasion.

Your band consists of a few diligent people who want to survive. They know that working together, following instruction, and generally being a well-oiled unit is the best way to survive. Then, there’s Ginny. She’s loud, ornery, and frightened. The more frightened she becomes, the louder she is and the more attention she draws.

No one wants the attention of The Angry Gnomes of Gardeny Doom.

From Squidoo
Since Ginny joined up, your small band has dropped to half original size. Some were crushed under the Gnomes’ concrete booted feet. Others were forced into torturous and fruitless work in the Spice Mines (side note: while the Gnomes enjoy eating and drinking terribly much, they are not familiar with how food is prepared nor from whence its ingredients come).

Everyone agrees that Ginny is the problem and that she must go, but how do you get Ginny to leave? If you tell her to kick rocks, she may refuse. Or worse, she may become vengeful and help the Gnomes of Gardeny Doom destroy what is left of the group.

This is a delicate situation. You are not only exiling and possibly sending a woman to her death, but you could also be endangering the lives of any other survivors. Not just those in your intrepid band.

Try to convince Ginny that she is done with your group and that she can do better on her own. If she feels that you and your group are a liability she may just leave. Unfortunately, to convince Ginny that your group is too unfit for her, you will have to act the part. This could get everyone killed.

You could always pick up camp before Ginny wakes one morning. However, this might set her off just the same as telling her to kick rocks.

Of course, the most sure fire solution to The Ginny Problem is a quite permanent one. While this solution will definitely keep Ginny from turning on you, how will it affect your conscience?

How would you get Ginny to leave your little group? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I'd give her the choice; leave, or I'll kill you before you get us killed. This is survival. There's no space for emotional decisions or guilt.

  2. This is survival, but I would still want to give her a real choice at first. Call me naive. I know that if I did have to kill Ginny, I would feel guilty. I would work with it or through it, but the guilt would be there.