Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey, Let's Go to the Winchester! Whose Funking Idea Was That?

A recent i09 article pointed out the distinct lack of strong female role models in zombie films and fiction. The article notes that Shaun of Shaun of the Dead couldn’t even handle making dinner reservations, yet he is the leader and eventual hero.

While the movie is called Shaun of the Dead and Shaun does pull through, Liz could have made a better leader. After all, she started out with skills Shaun simply didn’t have – like being able to handle simple tasks.

Have you ever wondered what the movie would have been like had Liz been in charge? I doubt that the body count would have been higher: almost Shaun’s entire party was eaten, infected, or disemboweled. Including his mother. I'd bet they wish Liz had been the heading things up.

What traits do you need to be a great leader?

  • Trust and Respect
    In order for people to follow someone into battle, they need to believe that she has their best interests in mind. She must inspire trust and respect by treating her troops with trust and respect.
  • Communication
    Dire situations require great communication. Both the leader and those she leads need to speak openly and with respect to create plans and form strategies.
  • Quick Wits
    Being able to think quickly in an emergency is a must. Without a quick wit at the helm, the ship will not sail to victory.
  • Confidence
    If a leader does not exude confidence, her troops will not feel confident about following her edicts. On the flip side, being cocky could inspire mutiny. Strike a balance that inspires the crew without forcing them to look for a new General.
  • A Cool Head
    If the leader isn't able to stay calm in a crisis, she shouldn't be in charge: she will cause casualties. 
  • Detail Oriented
    Success depends on being able to keep stock of one's surroundings, people and their skills, and know what state the supplies are in.
  • Skill Building
    Lead people to survival by finding their best traits and helping them use them to their full potential.
  • Kick-Ass Ass Kicking Skills
    Of course during a survival situation a good leader will need to be able to kick some serious ass!

What other skills does an awesome survival leader need? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Its not only Liz who is a srong female leader in the film. Diane is able to remain calm under violent threat and talks David down from shooting Shaun. Similarly Yvonne leads her own group, survives and brings the army to rescue Shaun and Liz.

  2. That is very true. There were a lot of strong females in that film. Shaun did his best, but if he hadn't had Liz, Diane, and Yvonne, that would have been one short film.