Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to the Ladies' Guide to Surviving Anypocalypse!

Hello ladies,

As you have divined from the blog title, we are concerned with surviving any sort of apocalypse.  Zombpocalypse?  We’re good.  Vampocalypse?  Ditto.  Snowpocalypse? Seriously: we’re from New England! 

At first, we’ll publish posts (and follow ups) about the –pocalypses that seem to be most in demand.  However, we want to give you information that you want.  That you needComment, e-mail, post: let us know what kind of –pocalypse’s ass you feel needs kicking!

As you have also noticed from the blog title, this is lady-centric.  In other words,  we will take items that are traditionally considered female trappings and apply them to some serious survival!  (Of course, the men out there who are secure enough to admit that they use such items are welcome to our expertise as well.  After all, we’ll need both sexes to repopulate.)

While the bulk of articles and posts deal with surviving specific types of apocalypse using decidedly feminine tools, some articles will be more general.  They will deal with skills all survivors of anypocalypse should have.

This is your blog too: make it better by telling us what you want to know about!  Do you think that we've overlooked a valuable tool for decimating the zombie masses?  Let us know!  Have we glossed over particular uses of nail lacquer?  Tell us!

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  1. All are relevent in my opinion. Most food is great as long as it is fattening, yet we are judged by the "stronger" of the species based on the way we look. My question is if they (the alleged stronger species) are so much stronger why do we need our feminine tools?