Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating Well While on the Run

Every apocalypse comes with its own set of problems and pit-falls, but they all have one in common: poor diet.

We all know that everyday living requires exercise and a good diet.  Well, when you are running from the zombie horde, trying to evade Nosferatu, or holding onto Buddha’s toe to keep from being swept away by a tsunami, you’ve got exercise covered.  Seriously, exercise doesn’t get much more covered than wrangling scientifically engineered ants.

But what about diet?

Really.  Will you eat well?  Or will you dumpster dive for a tossed away McDonald’s food-like item that was pitched into the bin Lord only knows how long ago?  If it’s not the Rapture you are facing, the Lord is not going to be around to answer questions regarding expiration dates.

Back away from the garbage and look around.

Looting for Lollipops
If you are in an urban or suburban area, your food options are vast.  Make them count.  Grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and burger joints abound.  The sheer number of options is daunting when you aren’t in the midst of attack from alien dust bunnies with razor-like incisors, never mind when you’re more than a little pre-occupied.

During the first few days of Anypocalypse, look for fresh meats, vegetables, and breads.  These have the best nutritional yield and provide the most energy. 

Avoid foods that are heavily laden with empty calories like candies and cakes.  They will provide an initial sugar rush, but the last you thing you’ll want while trying to escape the alien overlords is for your blood sugar to bottom out.  This would leave you indecisive at best.  And really, can you afford to be indecisive whilst trying to avoid becoming someone else’s food?

Look for foods with long shelf-lives that will travel well.  Smaller, more compact cans (especially those with pop-tops) are best.  The smaller portions will help you ration your stores longer.  And canned food lasts longer than fresh.

If you find yourself avoiding Satan worshipping children or evading demonic scarecrows, fear not!  Well, fear.  Let’s be honest: you have lots to fear.  However, you need not fear starving to death.  Rural areas offer food opportunities that would be best skipped in urban areas.

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