Friday, February 12, 2016

Goals, shmoals

This year, because I missed my goals so roundly last year, I decided not to write a piece about my
goals or resolutions this year. I have some - of course I have some - I just don't want to share them. (Some of them are repeats from last year.)

I would like to review my (stated) goals from last year and let you know where I stand on them.

My (SMART) Goals from 2015

From Strategic Modularity

  • Within the next year, learn at least three new survival skills that would aid me if I found myself stranded alone.
    • Miss?
    • I am calling this a miss because, while I did research survival techniques, I never actually documented what I learned.
  • To improve my overall health, and to ensure that I can outrun walkers in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, I will lose sixty pounds during the course of this year by exercising at least four days per week for at least thirty minutes per session in conjunction with making healthy food choices.
    • Miss
    • While I did lose weight, I did not lose the amount I had wanted.
  •  Write at least one fictional story per month.
    • Miss
  • Complete and revise at least one fictional story per quarter so that it can be submitted for publication.
    • Miss
  • Plan and execute a solo vacation (at least three days) during which I am beholden to no one except myself.
    • Hit 
    • This is probably my favorite goal because it involved planning, researching, and lazing about. All three are excellent pass times.
  • Write like a mofo.
    • Hit
    • I don't care for much of what I wrote, which is why no one has seen most of it. However, I did the writing.
I made progress in areas I hadn't specifically outlined for myself: like getting promoted at my day job and learning about T-SQL. (I got a certificate for my efforts!)

I won last year. I'll win harder this year. Did you win? Will you win again? How?

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