Sunday, December 30, 2012

I dissolve--NO! Resolve! I RESOLVE!

As the new year rapidly approaches millions of people make resolutions which they will then struggle to keep. Eventually, their struggles prove to have been for naught. They fail at all of their precious resolutions save, maybe, one.

Do they exercise every day? Nay! Do they stop eating junk food? Of course not! (However, anyone who vows not to eat Hostess anymore will be strikingly successful.)

The problem is not that people make resolutions.It is that they appear to think that resolution and dissolution mean the same thing.

From The Simple Confessions
Instead of looking at my whole life, declaring it a failure or a pile of crap, then trying to dissolve who I am and rebuild myself, I choose to resolve a few issues and let the rest fall into place. In other words, I try to be realistic about it. Here are a few of my resolutions. (Disclaimer: this may be all of my resolutions.)
  1. Start the year off with less stress
  2. Eat more healthfully
  3. Exercise more
  4. Learn at least one more survival skill (archery)
  5. Get more pedicures
  6. Set realistic goals
I'm already off to a good start with #1 because I haven't made a ton of resolutions. Also, I resolved last year not to get hammered on New Year's Eve because I intensely dislike hangovers but they tend to hang around for days. They are quite possibly the worst kind of guest who overstays his welcome. I started last year hangover free.

Also, it helped me keep resolution #2 (which was the same and will probably be next year as well) since I didn't immediately break it by trying to combat a hangover with fast food or a big fried breakfast.

Resolving to exercise more, rather than to exercise every day, is far less pressure and much more realistic. I know one, maybe two, people who exercise every single day. They are my kickboxing instructors.

The pedicures sounds shallow, and to some extent they are, but I take kickboxing lessons. I want my feet to be as pretty as feet can be since other people are going to see them.

I cheated a little with the last resolution since by making a list like this one, I have already fulfilled that one. However, I have other things I want to accomplish that I did not put onto this list. I want to slim down (yes, I am overweight; no, I'm not exactly happy about it) so I resolve to eat better and exercise more. Not putting weight loss on the list, but putting some the ways to attain it, is going to help me keep #1.

What are your resolutions and how do you plan to keep them?

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