Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho, Ho, Hold it buddy!

Put down that tchotchke and step away from the display case!

I know. Christmas is right around the corner. If you are anything like me (and clearly you are), you're very nearly almost done with your shopping. The gifts I end up saving to the last minute are the ones for whom I am not sure what to buy. They are the people who either seem to have everything they want or who get whatever they want as soon as the fancy for it strikes.

This year, instead of giving your loved ones some impersonal yet shiny little trinket or a gift you really wish someone would buy for you even though you don't need it nor do you really know what you would do with it, give them something useful.

Get them something they can really use: survival!

Buy them self-defense lessons. Get them books about creating their own archery arsenals. Find instructional videos on gardening.

Better yet, make a personalized survival kit!

Obviously you cannot put together a Go-Bag for someone other than your own child, but you can put a basic survival kit together. This should be small and compact: the type of thing that can be easily carried if need be.

In a unique, compact, sturdy container (handles preferred) pack a few items that would be a huge help if the recipient were to find herself in a sudden emergency.

The following list is a suggestion. Take your region's particulars into account when putting together the kit.
  • Nine volt batteries
  • Steel wool (not the soapy kind)
  • Dry kindling
  • Flares
  • Ultra-light back-backing blanket(s)
  • MREs or other light-weight food (preferably high in protein)
  • A waterproof poncho

Personalize the gift by including a few little things that she would be glad to have in an emergency. If she likes the occasional sweet, put a couple of chocolate bars, which are a good source of quick energy and tend to induce feelings of happiness, into the container. If she's a religious woman, include a small symbol or icon of her faith.

Show that you care about her imminent survival and that you know her on a personal level.

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