Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yeah...We should go now...

Back in May of 2011 I wrote Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? about how to fortify your home. If you haven't read it, please do. I'll wait...

Back? Okay, good.

If for some reason your home cannot be made into a fortress at a moment's notice (with a little prepping, of course) or with all the notice in the world, what will you do? Defending all the possible points of entry might be more taxing (and dangerous) than packing up and jumping ship.

But where to go?

Work of course!

Hear me out! Most modern office buildings are equipped with a myriad of tools every Survival Diva needs. Please note that I am not talking about shopping centers. They are made to let as many people in as possible. We want to choose a place that's a bit more exclusive.

Also, choose lower to the ground buildings: fewer floors means fewer people who might already be there. Patrolling a four floor building is easier, faster, and safer than patrolling a forty floor one.

Unbreakable Windows

In most office buildings, the windows do not open and are made from nearly unbreakable glass. Zombies, mutant alligators, and rabid cows will not be able to get in through windows that don't open!


I don't know about you, but I cannot remember the last time I went into a place of business and didn't see security cameras and locks that require at least a punch code. Some companies have cameras and security doors on all the floors. Only people you let in or who have a key can gain entry to your pre-fab fortress.


Lots of companies have their own generators so that if the power goes down they won't lose their security and surveillance systems. This also means that in the event of demonic puppies, you won't lose your lifelines. It also means that things like indoor plumbing that rely on pumps will continue to function.

A word to the wise: use the stairs, not the elevator. The generator might be working when you get into the elevator but there is no guarantee it will continue to work. Let's avoid becoming a packed lunch.


More and more offices are like self-sufficient city-states. Sure, someone delivers food, but they are feeding an entire company. I rather doubt you'll bring 1000 of your closest friends to the office when things go south. You will be able to survive for a very long while on the food tucked away in the building's store rooms. And because your building has a generator, you will have useful appliances.

Gym/Workout Room

Choose a place that has a gym. This gives you two benefits in one. Stay in tip-top fighting shape by using the equipment in the gym. Where there is a gym there is a shower. Even during the apocalypse no one wants to smell.

Bonus Room

The bonus room at your office is the roof. Buildings are hard for most creatures to scale and their roofs get great sun. Eventually the food will run out, but you will have a garden in the sky before then!

If you choose well, all you will need to bring with you is your Go Bag and weapons (assuming your office of choice does not already have some). Being prepared and having a safe place to stay will be paramount.

What other structures would make good fortresses? Tell us in the comments!

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