Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why are you asking where I'm going to be in five years? There are zombies afoot!

I hate when people ask me to predict where I'm going to be in five hours, never mind in five years. I get that interviewers want to see the motivation level of potential employees. People who are not interviewing me for a job deserve to either be ignored or to get an interesting answer:
From Deviant Art
  • Breastfeeding our third child.
  • Cleaning the blood of the innocent from my brow.
  • Dining on the flesh of the uninitiated.
  • Sprinkling your ashes over my begonias.
However, regardless of how I feel about annoying interview questions, I do believe in goals. Grab a notebook and a pen or open up a word processing document on your computer and start a list.Take note of your personal goals. Take note of your professional goals. Take note of your survival goals.

Life is a work in progress. Saving one's life will be as well.

My survival goals are pretty simple. They all involve learning or perfecting skills and getting into the best shape I possibly can. At the moment, I lack upper body strength so my top goal is to be able to lift my own weight. Closely following that goal are being able to sustain a long term run and learning hand-to-hand combat.

I'm working toward these goals by working out, taking kickboxing classes, and eating more healthfully. In the pre-apocalypse world, working toward attaining my survival goals, I am getting myself into better shape, making myself healthier, and generally improving the quality of life I have now. Two birds; one big ass stone.

What are your survival goals and what are you doing to achieve them? Tell us in the comments.

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