Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survivor's Toolbox: Zip Ties

Let's face it: some day house cats will take over. It's going to happen. They already have humans on a feeding, petting, watering, petting, poop cleaning, petting schedule. I really want to think that they will be benevolent overlords: I mean for cryin in my soup, just for all the poop we've cleaned we deserve to be treated well!

The Flintstones (1960-1966)
Alas, I seriously doubt that's how it'll go down. I am inclined to think that when the time comes, we humans will be put out at night a la Fred Flintstone in the closing credits of the Flintstones.

When we end up spending our nights outside under the stars, being able to build a sturdy shelter with low weight supplies will come in handy.

Here come the zip ties (AKA cable ties).

From Wikipedia
Zip ties are light, easy to use, and can bear quite a bit of weight. Prices vary from less than two dollars to just about $20. The lower the tensile strength and the fewer in the package, the lower the price.

Zip ties are essentially strips of nylon tape. One side of the strip has teeth; the other side does not. On one end of the tie is a small case. Once the strip has been fed through the case, the strip will not be released. The only way to unzip tie something is to actually cut away the zip tie.

From I Can Has Cheezburger
These little marvels are commonly used to bundle cables to keep them from getting tangled or from being in the way. If you had your HDTV professionally installed, chances are the cables are bundled with zip ties to help them stay discreetly out of sight.

Because zip ties can hold up to 75 pounds of tensile pressure and are very nearly weightless, they are a great tool when you are in the great outdoors and need to build a shelter that will last. Especially if you need to erect your structure quickly.

When house cats take over and put us all out for the night, will you use zip ties to build your shelter? Tell us in the comments!

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