Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Talkin to Me!

Before you strut on the Survivalist Runway, you’ll need to get the basics down pat. You'll need skills that you can practice and build upon.

Time to learn your ABC’s.

A: Attitude 
Despite the popular image of the psychopath who cannot control himself, most bad guys are not irrational wackos who lash out at random. In fact, most attackers watch for potential victims. They spend time keeping an eye on people who look like they might be easy marks. Whether you are walking down the street on a normal, pre-apocalypse Saturday night or storming Cathlhu’s castle, acting like a victim is going to make you a victim.

from Atlanta Budokan
What do you do? Act like you own the place, wherever that place may be. Walk and talk with confidence. Fake it at first if you have to, but keep at it. Take steps to increase confidence in your survival skills and in yourself.

B: Be Aware and Be Prepared
If you sneak into the enemy’s lair, you need to be on top of your game. No matter how lovely the Hall of Tiffany Lamps may be, you will not appreciate becoming part of the Hall of Heads exhibit. Keep your eyes open. Make sure no one is following you. Observe your surroundings.

The same is true in normal every day life. Cities have gorgeous buildings that reach into the clouds, churches with magnificent stained glass windows, and art work beyond compare. But they almost have villains who lurk on the edges of these works of brilliance. Being aware of your surroundings and what the people around you are up to.

Before anything happens – a mugging or a catastrophic nuclear melt-down that creates a super race of mutated chiuauas – prepare. Take self-defense courses. Learn to use weapons. Take martial arts classes. Preparation will help you deal with anything that comes along, but it can also help prevent unfortunate circumstances: you will feel and act more confident.

Women's Self Defense for Rear Assaults: 
Women's Self Defense Chicken Wing Technique
by expertvillage

C: Common Sense 
Whether you are in danger of fighting sinister, mutated, toy dogs or just walking from one bar to another on a night out, use your head.

That poorly lit alley? The one that would be a great short-cut if it had a light or two? Don’t use it.

The drink that nice man you just met offered you? Don’t accept it unless you were at the bar with him when it was poured and you saw it the whole time.

Using Common Sense means that you assess the situation and decide on the path with the least risk for the situation. It also means trusting your instincts. If something feels like it might be a bad idea (walking down the dark alley when tiny vicious beast that would find a myriad of places to hide), pay attention and act on that feeling.

Do you know other ways to protect yourself? What other self-defense skills would come in handy during the End of Times? Let us know in the comments!

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