Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zombies in Boston!

Don't let their generally congenial appearance fool you. These zombies meant business!

I began yesterday's trek at South Station in Boston. As I walked the streets - following a trail of blood left by the fiends - I came across the following:
Abandoned fancy shoe
I can only assume that some poor woman, out for a fancy dinner and a night of dancing, ran into the wrong sort of crowd on her way to the club.

A charity worker who was only trying to help kids in need stops to talk to who he thinks is a few tourists out for a leisurely stroll in Fanueil Hall. Notice the blond's vacant, hungry eyes...

Zombies surveying a possible meal

Even beloved childhood characters are not immune to the zombie curse!

Dorothy with her dead dog Toto
Figures of authority have no authority over themselves once infected!

Decomposing police officer & co.

The poor man shown below has no idea that he will soon be a running buffet!

The calm before the storm
Zombies also eat their own!

Zombie cannibalism!

One of the infected who is in the process of changing!

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