Saturday, February 19, 2011

How Doesn't a Lady Cope with Anypocalypse?

Relaxing and taking a break are essential to survival.  However, one needs to be smart about how she takes a break.

Sitting down with a friend to have a cup of tea or a Cornetto is perfect.  Sitting down with a friend to smoke a fatty probably isn't the best of ideas.  I'm not condemning nor am I condoning the use of recreational drugs.  But I know that staying clear headed is one of my best defenses.

I also recommend staying away from alcohol for the same reason.  The urge to over indulge in mind numbing substances during  a crisis should never be followed.  Death will follow.  Also, keep in mind that alcoholic beverages create a false sense of warmth.  During a snowpocalypse alcohol will bring death by freezing on more quickly.Crying quietly will help relieve stress and tension.  So will breaking things.  But one of the worst things to do is make an obscene amount of noise.  Why in the name of god would you want to draw attention to yourself?  Even if the giant carnivorous worms you are trying to avoid don't have ears, they can still hear you.  They will come.  Zombies?  Yup, they'll come too.  Carnivorous plants are likely easier to run from (with them being rooted and all), but they will still hear you.  Sound is nothing more than air banging against itself then hitting eardrums.  Creatures without ears hear in other ways.
One of the worst things to do during anypocalypse
How would you decline to recline during an apocalypse?

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