Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Does a Lady Cope with Anypocalypse?

With panache of course! She is a voluptuous beacon of hope in an unruly sea of discord! She is her group’s anchor.

However, since she is human she needs down time – especially in a prolonged crisis situation – some kind of stress relief is required. So, how does one cope?

Take pleasure in the little things
Appreciate the innate beauty of the world. If you’ve just barely outrun a murder of crows and are holed up in a house that you hope will keep them at bay until you can find a way to dispose of them, the last thing you will want to do is look at the feathers stuck in your hair. But you should. Despite its origin, the feather is beautiful.

Indulge yourself
Imagine that you are trapped are trapped in a mall.  Outside are rampaging space slugs.  But inside the slugs are minimal and can be avoided.  This is the perfect time to look for that new outfit you've been dying to have!  Peruse the clothing selections at Neiman Marcus.  Give yourself a makeover at Sephora.  What could possibly make your Go Bag better?  If it was made by Burberry of course!

Would anyone like a nice cup of tea?
Maybe taking a load off and having a cup of tea with a friend seems like a bad idea considering everything that is going on, but taking a break is important. The time you take will help you (and your companion) relax and recharge. It will also give you some time to think about the situation and discuss it. A life saving plan may come out of this pow-wow. And if it doesn’t, at least you had some good conversation and a break from running.

What ways would you relax and reinvigorate yourself during the apocalypse?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. You forgot to stop and take silly pictures at the abandonned Santa/Easterbunny throne in the mall!

  2. To relax and invigorate? Smokin' the reefer. It's a short-lasting chill time that won't leave you feeling blah, the way having a few beers might.