Friday, February 8, 2013

Do Not Panic. I Repeat: Do Not Panic.

Here in the US Northeast, we are having a bit of a storm. The winds are gusting around 40 miles per hour at the moment. Visibility is nil. Massachusetts has a driving ban on that if violated could mean a $500 fine and a year in jail.

If you are in this part of the world: don't panic. We've done this before. We'll do it again.

A view of my front yard: 8 Feb 2013 @ 9:40 PM
Before the power goes out, if it hasn't already, get together a stash of warm blankets. If you don't have a glut of blankets, get bath towels: they will keep you warm in a pinch as well.

Layers of clothing are your friend if the heat goes out. I know we all want to look our best, but I swear no one will mind if you wear clashing colors to stay warm in a blizzard. (And if anyone does, punch him. Or ignore him. Whatev.)

I hope you have a manual can opener if you plan to eat canned food. If not...well, don't plan on eating canned food.

If you can put aside some tap water. Sometimes when the power goes people lose water because their pumps don't work without electricity.

Check your flashlights. Replace batteries if needed. Or, go old school like me. I have every intention of burning a ridiculous number of scented tea lights. (I have friends and family who did Party Lights. I bought candles to support them so I have a bit more than anyone who uses electricity needs. I may finally have a reason to burn them all.)

If you have already lost power, use your flashlights (or the phone or tablet you are reading this on) to make sure your gear is together and easily accessible.

If the winds throw something through a window, block up the hole as quickly as possible. Close the room off if you can. The hole is a way for heat to escape. You cannot let it get out.

Stay safe and stay warm.

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