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It's for the children! - Part Two

From Fun and Family
Tomorrow is the pub crawl Fall Fundraiser I am participating in to help raise money for Little Hearts, Inc.

The day, regardless of the weather, will be a lot of fun. However, it will also be a lot of work. Because I am a good Survival Diva, tonight I will prepare.

For The Children, I am endeavoring to walk approximately three miles (not a huge feat!) and stop at almost every pub, bar, and restaurant with a bar along the way. That is about sixteen bars. At each establishment, I plan to have (at least) one drink. That's (at least) sixteen drinks.

While I am not the most petite of flowers, I am no hulking Amazon. And I am not a big drinker. And...I tend to be dramatic. All this adds up to me needing to tell you all my Pub Crawl Fall Fundraiser Survival Plan.

Appropriate Footwear

While I can and do walk, I don't usually walk a couple of miles at a stretch. I admit to being a little lazy on that front. But when I do walk, I make sure that I wear appropriate shoes. If I refuse to run a 5K (or from a zombie horde) wearing Jimmy Choo's, why would I decide to wear them in a three mile event that includes drinking my body weight...okay, the body weight of a small child? 

Let's just be sensible here. Walking in fancy shoes is fine. (Mostly. I honestly feel like putting feet into such expensive shoes is a little wrong. Walking around in them gives me heart palpitations.) I have heard of Comfy Heels. I've heard the whispered rumors in the back alleys of Marshall's and TJMaxx. I have listened to fashionistas talk about how great their $750 pumps feel. 

Even if I did stumble upon a pair of Comfy Heels, I would not wear them for this event: I'll break an ankle when I get too inebriated to work my own legs. 

Appropriate Clothing

I have no idea what the weather will be tomorrow. No one does. Mother Nature has no idea. This morning it was forty degrees Fahrenheit and drizzly. It warmed up and cleared up. In the early afternoon, the sun was a shining beacon of the gorgeous day ahead. About twenty minutes later, clouds rolled in darkening the sky, bringing down the temperature, and dumping water on us. 

What I have heard from meteorologists, and non-science people impersonating meteorologists, that tomorrow is also a crap shoot.

I will wear jeans tomorrow. I may be a bit overly warm during the day, but I'll be grateful for them in the evening when the temperature plummets. I'll also wear a hoody and a tank top. We have team shirts, so I will be able to toss my shirt on over the tank. 

Because it could rain, I should probably wear a hat. I won't. My hair, at the best of times, is a bit poofy. In a hat during humid weather, I look ridiculous. I'll bring an umbrella. I may even bring a raincoat.

Things to Carry

Because I have a sensitive stomach that gets upset at the mere thought of certain foods (that I am carefully not thinking about), I need to carry a backpack with me tomorrow. This will enable me to carry previously mentioned inclement weather supplies as well as tummy friendly snacks. Plus, it will give me a place to stow my hoody when I get overly warm and want to take it off.

The items I have in the backpack will be similar to ones I would want in a Bug-Out-Bag.
  • Light weight, protein heavy, tummy friendly snacks
  • Spare glasses
  • Cash
  • ID
  • First Aid supplies (in this case, probably just ibuprofen and bandages)

A proper Bug-Out-Bag has a lot more in it of course, but because I don't want a repeat of last year [embarrassing anecdote I am not going to tell], I am taking this just as seriously. 

Things to Leave at Home

Because I like to think ahead, I am also planning what not to bring with me. The list is rather small.
From The Brittany Nation Foundation
Against Drunk Driving
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Car

Leaving the ability to get more funds from an automated teller who will not judge me for drinking my entire paycheck because she is automated is just good sense.

So is leaving the car behind. Drinking and driving is stupid to begin with. Pub crawling - which, for some, actually ends in crawling - is just moronic to a degree I cannot express.

Game Plan

Every event needs a plan. It can be an elaborate plan involving charts, graphs, synchronized watches, GPS tracking systems, and twine. Or, if you prefer, it can be simple: get from A to B without falling in a ditch.

I'm going the mid-route.

  • Follow the designated walking route
  • Purchase one or two beverages per establishment
  • Drink at least one glass of water at every establishment
  • Stick to "soft" alcohol
  • Eat foods that will not cause a repeat of [embarrassing anecdote]
  • Extra socks
  • Create a passcode pattern for my phone that is too complex to complete while Under the Influence yet not so difficult that I'll have to do a factory reset on Sunday to get back into my phone

I think I am prepared...if I've missed anything, please tell me in the comments. Also, I'd be much obliged if you would donate to this worthy cause.

---Update 10/25/2012---
At the last count I saw, we raised more than $35,000 for charity. I'll update again when I know the final count.

---Update 11/13/2012---
The total raised was $38,031.

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