Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That diamond studded collar is so very!

I think it would be fair to say that, in general, people are like dogs. We have great hair, awesome accessories, and we like to hang out in groups. Admittedly the grooming and accessories were to some degree humanity's gift to the canine, but I stand by my statement.

The tendency to form bonds and stay together is often quite helpful. Friends and family can be great motivators. They can lend a hand when times are rough. They can entertain when we would otherwise be bored.

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However, they can also limit us. Depending too much on others is just as destructive as not having anyone to whom you can turn when times are rough.

Before the Royal Canine Guard (formerly of the Dog Star, now of Earth) start erecting kennels for individuals, perhaps we should examine how dependent we are on one another. Not being able to function alone is really going to damage the Resistance if the Royal Canine Guard carries out its plans - divide and concur.

If the idea of going anywhere alone (even the bathroom) totally freaks you out; if you actually won't go anywhere alone; if you find that you have to be in constant contact with people (e.g. - in person, on the phone, texting, etc.), you need to start taking Alone Time now. Now!

Alone Time is important. It helps us get to know ourselves better, work out problems, and relax. Hanging with friends is awesome, but sometimes you just need to decompress. Start small: go get a coffee by yourself. Leave the phone in the car. Stay in the shop as long as it takes to get the coffee. In a day or so, go again. This time, bring something small to read like a letter or a magazine. Later, when your trips get longer, bring a book, a notebook, or something of s similar nature.

Getting used to doing things solo now will come in handy when you have to plan and execute a kennel break on your own. If you get separated from your scouting party, knowing how to function alone will help you keep your cool.

I'm not saying that having friends and family who are willing to act as a support system is bad. I'm saying that using their support as a crutch is bad.

Sometimes you have to blaze a path all your own.

(Psst - don't let the Royal Canine Guard know that we already understand gate latches and the Secret of the Doorknob!)

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