Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pompeii? They just did it wrong.

I'm sure like me, for the last couple of days you have wondered if humans can actually melt. At points, so much sweat was rolling off of me that I wondered (briefly) if I would melt away like a candle in a hot and stuffy room. I also re-learned that lip balm simply does not keep in a car when the temperatures are hovering in the high nineties or low hundreds. Also, the melted wax burns when it drips onto your skin.

From National Geographic
When the fire monsters of Pompeii rise from their centuries long Slumber of Cinders, we will be able to expect many more hot days. With luck, they won't simply incinerate us with their steamy embrace. However, we will need to try to stay cool.

Sleep during the day and move around at night

Even though we are used to functioning during the daylight hours, when the heat reaches extremes, we'll be more apt to get things done during dusk or after dark without finding out first hand what those guys who looked into the Ark felt like.

Find a watering hole

Local bars probably won't be the best place to hang out when the Cindermen rule the world: think of how hot they are on a Friday or Saturday night! Instead try looking for an actual watering hole (lake, river, giant mud puddle). Be careful though! When the heat is extreme and rain is scarce, watering holes that were once gorgeous bastions of safe hydration become death traps.

Eat spicy foods

As odd as it sounds, this seems to work. There is some science mumbo jumbo about it opening your pores and causing you to sweat (hydrate!) thereby making your body's cooling system work more efficiently. At least, that's what someone told me. Oh, and endorphins.

Avoid Physical Activity at Peak Heat Hours

Basically, try to keep your moving around to a minimum when it's hottest out. Run only if you must. Jogging for exercise can be deadly if you do it when it's too hot. Conserve your energy and electrolytes until the sun sets and things cool off a bit.

Whatever you do to stay cool, remember to drink water. The cleaner the better of course.

What tips and tricks do you have for surviving extreme heat post-electricity? Tell us in the comments!

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